Our experienced professionals can help you build and execute strategic plans to reach, maintain and grow your financial goals.

Tax Compliance & Planning

Proactive planning is key when it comes to taxes. Our professionals stay current on federal, state and local regulatory requirements so that we can provide year-round assistance and tax guidance for individuals and businesses. With this knowledge, we are able to help clients comply with all necessary tax requirements and to identify potential opportunities to minimize their tax burden.

Services include:

  • Tax Planning Strategies
    • Minimizing taxes
    • Asset protection
  • Compliance with Federal and State Income Tax Returns

Estate & Business Succession Planning

Successful estate planning means financial security for your loved ones. And for businesses, it ensures a smooth succession of ownership.  Through effective preparation, we can minimize tax exposure for your estate and beneficiaries, protect family assets and execute final wishes without complications. By maintaining superior relationships with our clients, we can help ease the pain associated with loss and difficult times.

Services include:

  • Preparation of Estate Tax Return – Form 706
  • Income tax planning for descendants

Why Choose HSA?

It is our proactive approach to all of life’s financial complexities that sets us apart. We pride ourselves in our ability to create lasting client relationships built on trust and sustained by our expert knowledge and successful experiences. We value people, not just things.